Monday, April 21, 2008

Idea Star Singer 2007 - Winners

It is officially declared. Najim Arshad won title Idea Star Singer 2007. ISS 2007 came to an end after so much of controversies. Given below is the list of winners.

Najim Arshad
- Idea Star Singer 2007 Winner (bags a Rs. 40 Lakh worth apartment at Cochin)

Durga Viswanath
- Idea Star Singer 2007 1st runner up (bags a Ford Fiesta car)

- Idea Star Singer 2007 2nd runner up (bags a Maruti Alto car)

Arun Gopan
- Idea Star Singer 2007 3rd runner up (bags Rs. 1 lakh)

In the final performances, I think Thushar's rendition of "paRayaan maRanna paribhavangaL" was exceptional, but the so-called judges did not give much marks to him. Arun Gopan's "Anpe Anpe" was not up-to-mark (I think Murali Ramanathan had done a good job with this song earlier) but his "deva sabhaathalam" was quite good considering he sang this duet song all by himself. Najim's first song was not audible "due to technical problems of broadcasting" (as told by Asianet), but his second song "Soona Soona" was quite good. Durga did not come out of her comfort zone and resorted in the semi-classical devotional songs in both the performances.

It will be interesting to note that an email that circulated in the Internet back in the year 2007 itself had declared that the above 4 will be the final participants and Najim would win the title. But it is not surprising to see how that became true because it reminds me what Sunidhi Chauhan had said in a CNN-IBN interview about reality shows - "there is hardly any reality in the reality shows".

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MM said...

I totally agree Jo. I cud only watch openmouthed as they granted Thushar a measly 72 after his awesome rendition of Parayan Maranna...

Simply had to quit seeing the show in disgust after that.

Din said...

Had to watch as all wanted to see teh finals. Happy it is over now lol (Not forgetting ISS 2008 is on the way !)

Ranjini was worst with her Manglish.

Wondering why she talk like chewing-gum in her mouth, very bad pronunciation. Why not speak in pure English or in pure Malayalam if you can't speak properly.

Yah, I remember the email which spread in 2007 about the results. But personally I think Najim deserves it. At least hes better among the finalists.

They collected enough $$$ by SMS on final day it seems. Number of SMS shows that. Now whom to blame ? of course the viewers !!! Even after so many news in TV / News Paper / Internet, people believe the SMS matters, and send it a lot. People prefer to believe it is all reality ! Oh well, life moves on ..

Maddy said...

Seriously - I thought Durga will hit the jackpot, but missed. we were rooting for Tushar as well..

as regards ranjini's manglish, i have been thinking...malayalam itself is a hybrid language that evolved out of Tamil due to the namboothiri introduction of sanskrit...such being the case, and considering that we are more open as a society, i think the language will evolve even more...dont be surprised after another 25-50 years...if it all (malayalam) sounds even more strange...

neena said...

Durga was super with her beatiful rendation.....murukha and swaptha swaranal......