Monday, July 16, 2007

Asianet or Ranjini - Whom to blame?

I had a handful of comments in my previous post about Idea Star Singer and most of them were talking about the anchor of the program. The major complaint of the public about the anchor is, she speaks in Manglish (Malayalam+English). The anchor, Ranjini Haridas, is a former Miss Kerala (2000). She was earlier anchoring another program in Asianet called Saahasikante Lokam. I had a chance to watch this programme and Ranjini looked bold, confident and she wore modern costumes which suits her well. BUT what irked me the most was her language.

When you are anchoring a show in Malayalam, and particularly when the core theme of the show is closely related to the traditional arts of the region, one major quality that you got to have is to speak in Malayalam. If the program Idea Star Singer was to promote Rock Music talents, it would be more apt to speak in English, but here it is different. This is not a soft skills display platform. I think the anchor is not to be blamed, but Asianet, the TV channel. Ranjini is doing a job that she was asked to do by the producers.

Is Asianet too bad in choosing the right anchors? It seems so. According to Ranjini, she warned Sreekantan Nair (of Asianet) that she speaks 'colloquial Malayalam', but Mr. Nair gave her the go ahead. Is it because the Asianet channel thinks it is 'cool' to speak Manglish in such programs?

“I can speak colloquial Malayalam, which I speak at home. I am no Malayalam pundit, it is not that I intentionally avoid the language. I respect it. But I cannot speak the kind that is spoken on television. I told Sreekantan (Nair) Sir this when they approached me for the show, he gave me the go ahead. And if people have a problem they should be speaking to the channel,” she says cheekily. [Via]

Ranjini is also hosting a show in Amrita TV, called Good English, which is a quiz on the English language and I think she is doing a great job in that considering the subject.

I know that there are equally bright, talented and young anchors in Asianet itself who can handle English and Malayalam at ease. Considering the public opinion, Asianet should choose someone who can speak in good Malayalam to host the program Idea Star Singer.

I never thought Asianet would join in the bandwagon of the likes of Kiran TV where the girlish-boys and bubbly-cute anchors keep 'entertaining' us with their bullshit in Manglish.

Picture courtesy: The Hindu


Maddy said...

well, jo you have a point here.

I was watching the Satyan Anthikad movie 'vinodayatra' the other day. Mukesh's sister in the movie is seen practising minglish in front of the mirror and when queried about it stated that she can find a job as a TV anchor if she perfects minglish rather than her usual malayalam.

Jo said...

Hehe... Sathyan is a brilliant director who points out stupidities of Malayali.

Libhy said...

completely agree with ur views.
i'm frm mumbai, i 2 have watched the vinodayatra. the same went through my mind when i started seeing starsinger. why don't they think ss is a worthwhile show to promote correct malayalam as unfortunately i do not speak malayalam that well.
and of course anthikad is great!!

Jo said...

Thanks Libhy.

Rejani said...

Ranjini if im rite is just another girl who's trying to fake the accent as much as possible! tryin to be the miss cool now that her miss kerala fame has died out. Kids who are born abroad and dont visit kerala that much tend to have a pure english accent. but there are few kids who move from india to us and uk to study and get the flu, they change their "a"s and "e"s and voila.. u have a fake accent.. i think poor ranjini is a victim of the above mentioned rog.. she was hit by it during her year and a half in uk.. english when spoken or be it any language it has to cound like music to the listeners.. i dont know how the judges are standing this apasruthi.. her vocabulary is good compared to a lot of the other anchors, she has great pronounciation, but please just tone down the accent!! its really sounds fake.... or asianet do something.. im an NRI and i really dont want to hear manglish.. stick to either malayalam or english!!!

Bhavana said...

I've been itching to write about this poor girl for sometime now . I've been in the Uk for more than 3 years now . I'm trying real hard to get an accent like ranjini . But unfortunately my friends or i don't have an identity crisis like our dear friend ranjini who has so obviously and so convincingly got an absoluetly annoying fake accent . Its not English . Its an effort to have some resemblance to some accent which is not quite endearing. And Good English does not mean a stupid accent . ! I think asianet and renjini caters to people who think her fake whatever is out of the world . They forget that there is another section of population that speaks and undestands proper ' English ' and not fake rubbish !

Abhi said...

THREE cheers to the Producer and the entire Asianet team to create such a wonderful platform that bring these extremely talented armatures/artists to the limelight. Also the wonderful judges on board making sure that the right talent is appreciated and given due credit. A big credit to IDEA network making sure that the “Janasabdham” is heard and communicated via SMS.
I am a regular viewer of the program and enjoy it as much as any other TRUE Malayalee, but it is very sad to have such a wonderful program being anchored by someone who cannot even speak a full sentence in pure Malayalam. I am in agreement with others on the "Manglish" accent. A program like Ideal star Singer - watched and enjoyed by hundreds of thousand malayalees all over the world should have some one who can speak GOOD Malayalam to anchor and not by someone who speaks with a fake accent. I can understand that the anchor has a good English accent and fluency, that will be apt for some other program. We have thousands of students attending schooling in and outside India (me one among them) still they have wonderful Malayalam speaking capabilities if not an “Ashaan” in the language. Kerala do not have a dearth of good anchors and I strongly urge the entire community to request ASIANET to look at alternative anchors.

po said...

just shut up you all and let others enjoy.. you people are jealous. we enjoy watching the show keep it up asianet

Abhi said...

I dont know what enjoyment you are talking about? We are discussing the ASI telecast, are you enjoing the anchor's "Manglish"?- sorry we are not able to. We all love the performance of the artists and we love the program, all we do not like is the absurd performance of the anchor.And there is no need to be jelous,(I am jelous of the skills that these wonderful artists posses and not of a lady who copy some western accent)Also it doesn't take that effort to mimic an accent, if we want to we could have done so, long back.Abhi

jacobjohn said...

Hey Guys,

Give her a break let her do the job if you think you all can do better job than her write to the producer. so just shutup...

Staycey said...

was this ranjini born and brought up outside india??? i've been in US for 14 years now and came here when i was 12 and I still speak, read and write malayalam. And I know many who were born and brought up in US who can speak better malayalam than Ranjini. If she only spend a year and a half in UK, there's no way in hell she forgot malayalam.

jose said...

Reality shows..Reality Drama.. Whats all these,, i just dont really understand..just wonder anyone appreciate the elimination drama,, this ridiculous..The viewers are made fools. its a controversey when some contestants stayed and good ones go. SMS is a big joke..

dj said...

Idea star singer 2007, just making all audience "BIG FOOLS"

after the first round of singing in the mega finals, result came like arun gopan in the first, then durga, then thushar, and lastly najim.

this was a pre-planned result to get more votes to Arun (remember money goes to the conductors)

In the first round durga and najim had a difference of 4 marks. But in second round najim got 162 and durga 151.
that means najim was 13 marks (4+9) ahead of durga.
Can anybody agree with this mark difference of 14 in the second round. Durga was so much bad in her singing in second round ?
Actually Balamuralikrishna was stubbed at her performance in the second round that he happened to have a drop of tears came in his eyes when she was on her percussions. Did anybody noticed that?

I am not telling that najim was bad, but why asianet is making audience a fool? In first round result they made us a fool by bringing Arun in first place.
In second round they made us fool by giving Najim 14 marks more than Durga.

menons said...

Hey Kids
You all wasting time by posting fighting words against Ranginis "manglish", The bottomline is Ranjini made big money, Asianet made millions,Idea net work made millions, People who did the SMS made thinner their wallet.The only one thing made us happy that there are lot of wonderful young singers in our little state,by staying in USA for the last 17 years I am so proud of those kids made real difference in singing.

manjusha said...

Hey guys..i dont agree this i think she was cool and above all the show was entertainin which matters the most....i don thnk the second one s as hit as the first one....and above all the judges were gr8....

Anonymous said...

RANJINI is the best.No one can equal her! She was so lively and she made the show so much fun to watch.Not only her,the judges too..!U people talk abt some manglish...duh!Look at ramya,only malayalam and hopeless..dead...aargh!She doesnt know what to say..just a good looking girl,thats it.The show is no more fun to watch...!Lifeless.Everything was so much better in 2007 star singer.CHEERS to star singer 2007,!Yay..hooray Ranjini is Back!!!THANK ASIANET.(Why she came back,the viewer ship is down it?)

sushitha said...

I too agree with the previous commenter.Ranjini Haridas is the best.I felt so horrible watching ISS 2008 and it is solely beacuse of the anchor.She was unable to connect well with the viewers and it was the case with the other anchor too.All she did was immitate Ranjini...I don't know their names though.Now that I heard Ranjini is all set for a comeback...ISS 2008 is worth a watch!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello..which world are u people people want your Nannies coming and anchoring the star singers in millenium..
Technical malayalam are good for bedtime stories/malayalam schools and not for the show like this..I have been all round the world and now married and in kerala since last 12 years. but bt bt being a mallu have just not got he rite accent yet.Not because am not trying to but because nobody in this "ully" speaks the "ully' malayalam anymore. everybody speaks like Ranjini Haridas. She is the true trendsetter. whom the whole of the Young Kerala has accepted. So bothers u people who just does not know about Keralam anymore.


I appreciate Asianet to get the just right Anchor..Ranjini Haridas She is trendy the way.. she speaks ..her body language. Noone in any of the malayalam channel is doing this well.
Finally there wud never ever be any one who wud speak like our great nannies..not in this generation nor in the next...

Suvi Nadakuzhackal said...

Renjini is really cool and was a big reason why I watched Idea star singer 2007. And I am not watching 2008 version as she and Usha Uthupp are not there. I do love to see some one a bit stylistic to the 21st century standards. Not some one in a grandma costume.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Why you people are behind Renjini...renjini...renjini. Comment on the reality show or contestants. She has herown style in anchoring and your comments hav nothing to do with changing her style. So why wasting your energy in blogging such silly subjects. Talking abt the show, Contestants come first, then judges then supporting musicians and Anchor comes at last. So, enjoy the show if you can, otherwise switch to another channel or at last you have an option to switch off your TV. You decide.......

Saratchandran said...

I agree with the anonymous guy.

People keep on writing rubbish about Ranjini's malayalam accent as if that is the only thing that matters.

So what if she speaks with the accent with which she speaks. She conducts the show with a charm and grace quite unrivalled. That became obvious when those nannies (as some one wrote rightly)took over. That Remya was so intolerable to watch with her constant silly stupid grin like posing for a toothpaste ad.

Thanks to Asianet for bringing Ranjini back. Otherwise the show was definitely heading in the wrong direction.

Mohan Kumar said...

Whether you like it on not most viewers Asianet SS likes to see Renjini on the show. The way people are after Renjini's so called Manglish, it appears that they have something personal against her. Her job is to anchor the show and she is doing a fabulous job. She connects with the Contestants; she connects with the audience....what else is expected of an anchor. I am sure there is a good lot of people who are watching the program because of Renjini. Somebody had mentioned about an option to change channels or switch off the TV... The audience have just exercised the option when Asianet changed the Anchor for Asianet SS 2008.

As for Sreekantan Nair, I must congratulate him for having the fore site to stick his neck out and give Renjini the 'go ahead the first time round.

Anonymous said...

Rengini's pretentious accent is a disgrace to good Malayali anchors who are doing an excellent job. However, she will have a large fan following of all those who follow western accent/attitude without having any idea about the real western culture.
I am sure Renjini does'nt speak like this at home. If Asianet finds this OK, very soon we will see her reading the Asianet NEWS !!!???

UK-Doc said...

I have been in the UK for about 10 years now and I hate to see this girl's 'accent' and attitude.
If the young people in Kerala believe this is the 21st century style I request them to look outside of the dodgy 'generation next' channels.
If you speak Ranjini's english in the England the locals will feel sick.

My children to speak proper english (that could be of any accent including Indian) and proper malayalam--NOT this bloody Manglish!
The only thing I hate about the programme is the anchor.
Sorry ranjini.

Renjini said...

hi world,
this is ranjini, and I have watched all your criticism. I dont think this accent is a new invention from my part, but it all started when the British people came to India and started teaching English. I could find this accent in all other Indian languages. Ofcourse, Malayalam is a good language, but at the same time we cant avoid English too.
I have studied in an Eng Med school where all teachers insisted to speak English with a penalty for speaking malayalam. I believe most of your children are doing the same way. Can you take your children out who are studying in Eng Med school and admit them to a Mal. school - No! no!.
I dont care about what I am speaking but I care abt the success of the program and what I am speaking should be clear to the audience. I believe I am a success in those duties. This is my profession and I find lots of competition in this field. I am getting so many messages from malayalees but majority of the comments are supporting me. But I am happy with critisisms, because your criticism makes me more popular and I always welcome.
So criticise me ............ more.............
with luv, Renjini

Vinod said...

In this case, it is the system (including parents) that has bulk of the blame, while Ranjini cannot excuse herself from any blame at all. I was a product of a similar system that Ranjini grew up, but I decided to be good speaker of my own language, and pass it on to my kids. All of my three children attend French medium school in Canada, and speak fluent Malayalam �V not ��Malfrench�� or ��Manglish��. So the excuse of studying in a English medium school in Kerala �V does not wash. If there is a will�Kthere is a way..!!!

Coming back to the unfortunate system in India�V
�X Do we have the right to handicap our children by making them mono-lingual?
�X Do we have the right to alienate them from a majority of the native tongue speakers in their own land?
�X Why do we make our children strangers to their own land and culture, and help them develop a confused personality?
�X Do our educators and parents know that being multi-lingual helps development of the brain in children? Modern research & experience in the west shows kids can learn up to 4 languages easily, and broadens their outlook of life. My kids are proof. They are learning Hindi as their 4th language, while their cousin growing up in India is stuck with 1 (no guesses �V yes English) �Vpoor little kid!!!!
�X English is a good language to know, speak and for mobility�V but does that mean we must abandon and denigrate our own. Give me an example of another developed nation whose people would do this?
�X Do we want to be remembered as the generation that helped trigger about the ruin of our language and hence its culture? Do we have the right to do it?
�X Why the ability to speak one language is considered ��cultured�� while speaking the other is ��backward��? What kind of mindset is that�K??

Vinod Nambiar
Toronto,ON, Canada.

Suvi Nadakuzhackal said...

Vinod got some of the reasons behind our English learning wrong. Developed countries do not need to learn any other languages as they have sufficient employment opportunities there. The people in developed nations do not need to travel to other places or nations in search of a decent job like you did. Kerala economy is solely run on the money generated and sent by mallus working outside Kerala. This job search is the main reason for our affinity for english.

Vinod said...

Sorry Suvi..if I wasn't clear. As a multi-linguist myself, my message is – go ahead and learn whichever language (including English) and learn as many as you can (Mandarin maybe a good pick too), and land the best jobs in the world...absolutely. Do all of us proud!!! That is one of the many benefits of being multi-lingual in a globalized world. However, give due attention and respect to your own language too. Speak it, nurture it and pass it on. If we don't – who will? Or at least - don't contort it out of shape.

Swedes, Finns, Germans, French, Japanese, Quebecers in Canada etc – you name it - do learn/speak English as well, for jobs in a globalized world. However my point is - I am still waiting to watch (in my travels across the world) to see any of them use English, in a TV programme for their own respective audience or in their family conversations. It also serves as one of the pointers as to why they are developed countries – they care for /nurture ANYTHING that is their own.


Jo said...

Well said, Vinod.

Anonymous said...

these days it is being noted that people like us who have been born and brought up outside kerala speak much better malayalam than those who who have never stepped outside kerala. I guess this attitude shows their lack of confidence.

Anonymous said...

Its paradoxical..
The show cant tolerate a participant who sings in a language other than malayalam.. just look back n we see a lot of participants have been rebuked just because the song was from a hindi movie.. the judges speak volumes on the greatness of the show trying to promote malayalam music and contributing a singer to the malayalam music world.. then how come they couldnt find an anchor who speaks good malayalam? Asianet thinks that the audience are stupid and will sit thru anythng tht is aired thru their channel? Obviously, They dont practice what they preach.. There is no doubt on the potentials of Renjini as an anchor.. The way she carries herself, her language, her attitude, her presentation.. perfect.. but clearly, this is not the show she shud be doin...The other programs she hosts, like Good English, Renjini's playlist etc are the type of shows she shud be doing and not ISS.. Its not Renjini, but the channel who is to be blamed for making fools of the spectators..

Anonymous said...

Well a good discussion..Would like to chip in with some of my experience.

The most appalling thing is that most of malayali youngsters dont know any language.Their English is sissy,their malayalam is just not good enough!Some 10 years back our people at least knew good Malayalam but now its a disgraceful state of affairs. I think the problem is with the parents obsession to the English medium schools.But what happens is that the standard of most of our English medium schools are so low & hence the students coming out of these schools stand no chance against guys from Mumbai,Bangalore & even Gulf raised malayalees!

Once I was travelling and this family was introduced to me by a journalist friend.For the sake of formality and conversation I enquired about the native place etc.This man was very simple but the lady refused to talk anything in malyalam. I asked the boy about his school and studies.The mother intervened and told that he dont know malayalam.I asked the boy is it so.

He told:-"Malyalam Kurrrachu Kurrachu Arriyum"(Give stress to "ra" 'in ariyum' and the way they pronounce malayalam like malyalam)

Then I turned him in Engish or Hindi.The boy was so scared he even unaware about basic words in english let alone Hindi. Look at the mothers' influence on him and the hatred of malyalam and accpet it as mother tongue. Wonder why people are running away from the roots.?

Later the father discussed about the book I was reading,a novel by Mukundan and the desperation of his eyes to borrow it.I slipped the book to his handbag when we reached the airport. Pavan manushyan.
PS:Most people switch to Malayalam channels to see malayalam programmes & hear malayalam..Else they can very switch to channel-V or MTV,for they do things much better.There is no language as manglish!! Either speak in English or Malayalam!!

renjini_lover said...

Guys, please read patiently before crucifying me.

1 ) I have noticed Malayalis show contempt to anyone who speaks to them in English.('Avante oru English!!')..same goes for Hindi. Why? is it because of love of Malayalam? Of course not, it is because the vast vast majority of Malayalis are not familiar with Malayalam other than in the colloqial way it is spoken in their area. They dont even know all the alphabets of the language.

Then what is the reason? The reason is : The educational system in Kerala is so screwed up that the kids cannot read or write proper Malayalam, English or Hindi when they graduate. So ignorance breeds contempt.

Renjini is fluent in Malayalam and English. Her Malayalam is far from imperfect, at least it is no way worse than our so called Malayalam experts. And even if it is,she can at least speak one language fluently.

And the typical Malayali male cannot accept a confident and able girl, speaking so fluently and doing such a good job of what she does. She does not act like a typical Mallu girl, shy and tongue-tied.She is exactly the opposite, and here it is jealousy at work. Guys , look deep into your hearts, and you will be forced to admit that I am right.

By the way, she has nice boobs, too!!!

Suvi Nadakuzhackal said...

I liked what ranjini_lover told, "And the typical Malayali male cannot accept a confident and able girl, speaking so fluently and doing such a good job of what she does. She does not act like a typical Mallu girl, shy and tongue-tied.She is exactly the opposite, and here it is jealousy at work. Guys , look deep into your hearts, and you will be forced to admit that I am right.
" So true.

Another thing I noticed is that a majority of the people who oppose Ranjini are staying as anonymous. I guess they do not have the balls to show their name and give out their opinion.

As I wrote before Mallu's don't have the luxury to learn only malayalam and make a good living as the developed world. Keralam survives on the money sent home by expatriates only.

Why is it necessary for any one to learn his mother tongue? He/She happened to be born to parents who speak that language by a pure chance or coincidence. Why should people be forced to love their mother tongue?

I am multilingual too as Vinod told earlier. I can handle Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarathi, Marathi, English and Spanish. Then every one is not very good in language skills. Only a select few have the language skills to learn many languages like Usha Uthup or Narasimha Rao.

Anonymous said...

hey u guys r copy cats
the music which is out now is a copy from thoda pyar thoda magic

Anonymous said...

Its not bad to talk in one is afterall perfect...and the main thing to remember is that language is a medium to communicate...Ranjini Haridas is bold and she has already created a new trend..if an european is asked to speak in our mother tongue how ever hard he tries the pronuciation may not be correct..those who have born abroad has the added advantage of having good accent...but its only a part of language...what really matters is how we communicate....

Ajith Edassery said...

Good view point Jo. Since Asianet started their operations in more countries like Singapore (after US/UK etc) it has become a craze for them to pick anchors who speak more English than Malayalam. This according to me is an effort to cater to all types of audiences. The reality is that it sounds so stupid to an average malayali (and I am sure that some of the anchor's accent must be irritating to 'pravasi's as well.

Coming back to this lady: I like her for her attitude and boldness but she's an utter waste while anchoring programs like star singer. It's a pity that somebody like Srikantan Nair (who knows good Malayalam :) is picking such girls. Her 'unhiyethtaahh's are so irritating!


Jo said...

LOL! So true :-)

Sharon S. said...

Hey guys i really dont understand why u guys r against dat poor gal....
Theres just one solution for those anti-ranjini folks..Just change ur channel and
continue watching Doordarshan... Well not to offend u guys but dis is really
bad to hear such bad comments on her... I really feel she is a fantastic host.. Well
abt malayalam.. I dont think der is any such rule dat she need to talk in pure malayalam..

Well the program is for the audience of all ages...Today the program is watched by everyone whether
young or old... I guess its bcoz of her manglish and style the program moves on...
In the beginningof ISS 2008, we saw another host Ramya... She spoke in malayalam, Where is she ??
If she wud hav continued dis program...I guess the program wud have been shelved... And I guess
it is Ranjini who keeps the program alive ... Her boldness and her style is wat is expected frm any anchor...
Just tune into Kiran and Kairali.. Check out their funny anchors..those r fake... Not Ranjini....

Why do u expect an anchor to speak in pure malayalam... Guys !! nobody is perfect ...
If there is prob with her malayalam.. May be bcoz she has spend sum yrs in Blore, UK...
Well dis is wat i think.. Anyways no matter to which century we reach .. A Mallu attitude will always be the same..
Which is clearly visible here in this page...
Hope sum day our fellow mallus will change their attitude...
Asianet has selected the right person for the job... Ranjini Keep Going !!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Keralites especially Mr Sreekanadan Nair of Asianet is so obsessed with people who pretend not to know Malayalam inspite of having been born and brought up in Kerala. That's the reason he has decided to retain Ms Ranjini Haridas as the anchor for Idea Star Singer 2008. What a shame!!!!!!
I fail to understand as to why should anyone like Ranjini Haridas who sees Malayalam culture with contempt be glorified so much on a popular malayalam television channel like Asianet. I'm passing this comment after having read through one of her interviews for a malayalam magazine. Not many people are aware of the fact that her fake accent was acquired after her stint at working at a call centre in Bangalore. Working in a call centre requires one to alter his or her accent in order to cater to international clients. There is no reason why she has to fake her accent. I have been born and brought up in Bangalore and I'm proud to say that I can speak, read and write Malayalam fluently.
I have been watching Idea Star Singer from 2007. Asianet's efforts to promote new talent is laudable but the anchor is such a disgrace. To describe in simple words, Ms Ranjini Haridas is a big "show of". If one can notice her anchoring the show, her mannerisms and body language are so clumsy which is totally unexpected of an anchor who seems to be "stylish". She is either running her fingers through her mane or dabbing her face with her hand to check if her makeup is proper. It is so disgusting. But she seems to be unpertubed and unfazed by all the criticism because she is here to make money.
Well I think we need a change for Idea Star Singer 2008 by hiring a new anchor.

Suvi Nadakuzhackal said...

I am wondering why all the ranjini haters are staying anonymous?

Sreekandan Nair is a business man. He will keep and anchor only if she/he can bring audience to the show. More viewers means more money in the form of advertisements. Asianet tried to remove Ranjini and brought a homely girl as asked by many of Ranjini's haters here at the start of this 2008 version. But they were forced to bring Ranjini back once they realized that they are losing viewers. No body other than Sukumar Azheekkod or ONV wants to hear proper malayalam now a days. And those old men are not the audience Asianet is trying to woo. Asianet is looking for the young crowd.

The majority of the viewers are viewing ISS because of Ranjini. That is why she is here. f they were actually losing viewers because of her, they won't have kept her there. After all Asianet is a private firm. Not a government enterprise to continue with lose making businesses.

laxmy vinod said...

It looks like Keralites especially Mr Sreekanadan Nair of Asianet is so obsessed with people who pretend not to know Malayalam inspite of having been born and brought up in Kerala. That's the reason he has decided to retain Ms Ranjini Haridas as the anchor for Idea Star Singer 2008. What a shame!!!!!!
I fail to understand as to why should anyone like Ranjini Haridas who sees Malayalam culture with contempt be glorified so much on a popular malayalam television channel like Asianet. I'm passing this comment after having read through one of her interviews for a malayalam magazine. Not many people are aware of the fact that her fake accent was acquired after her stint at working at a call centre in Bangalore. Working in a call centre requires one to alter his or her accent in order to cater to international clients. There is no reason why she has to fake her accent. I have been born and brought up in Bangalore and I'm proud to say that I can speak, read and write Malayalam fluently.
I have been watching Idea Star Singer from 2007. Asianet's efforts to promote new talent is laudable but the anchor is such a disgrace. To describe in simple words, Ms Ranjini Haridas is a big "show of". If one can notice her anchoring the show, her mannerisms and body language are so clumsy which is totally unexpected of an anchor who seems to be "stylish". She is either running her fingers through her mane or dabbing her face with her hand to check if her makeup is proper. It is so disgusting. But she seems to be unpertubed and unfazed by all the criticism because she is here to make money.
Well I think we need a change for Idea Star Singer 2008 by hiring a new anchor.

Dantis said...

I accidently bumped in to this blog, and it seems like a lot of people don't have a life. Please switch off your television sets, get out and have a life.
If anybody thinks western culture is good for Kerala, they are stupid. Let me tell you, western culture sucks!!
The British taught english in India so that they can hire cheap english speaking servants. When you speak Manglish, you are not even good enough to be their servant. English is a good language so is Malayalam.
Please be you. Don't imitate the fucked up west.
It is so yuck!! In his book (Keeper n' Me) Wagamese says.."You started looking more at the Whiteman's world than your own. When you look too long at the shiny things, your eyes go funny. Can't see the world like you used to".
Good luck.

Suvi Nadakuzhackal said...

Dantis got some points correct about our racism. That is visible from the matrimonial ads always looking for "white/fair" grooms and brides in any newspaper in Kerala/India.

But the thing you got wrong is about the usefulness of malayalam. As long as the political situation and job opportunities in Kerala are going to stay the same, there is not much point in studying malayalam.

chittasseri said...

I have seen the comments all in English in this column and was debating about Manglish. Why there is no Malayalam in English alphabets could not be used so that it can be Malayalam and English also rather than Manglish...

Bobby said...

For someone like Ranjini who had spent just one and a half years in UK it is difficult to correctly say Unniyetta instead of her OHniyetta? That's BS. Assuming that she lost her Malayalam speaking abilities while in UK, how difficult is it to "learn" back Malayalam for a native speaker? Funny that she speaks English with an Indian Accent!

I left India when I was very young and has been studying living and working in Europe, UK and now in the US. I went to English Medium schools in various parts of India as well. Notwithstanding that I am proud that I can speak malayalam and many other Indian languages, which i still speak after twenty years, without fake accents.( Some European languages, as well). And during these years I did not live in communities where there were many Malayalis to speak.

I have seen many not so educated malayalis here in the US who would speak only in English when they meet another malayali and that too horrible MANGLED English.(not Manglish)! Speak of Malayalis insecurities!

Another thing, why do they have to speak English on Malayalam TV channels when there are lot of English TV Channels in India.
Some channels even have whole program in English. I am pretty sure,at least half the population of Kerala do not understand English.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to point out one thing. Ranjini does know Malayalam well. In fact, she does have a good Malayalam accent. Her regular accent is fake. In one episode of Idea Star Singer, for just a few sentences, she did slip and speak true Malayalam. But she caught herself and reverted back to the fake accent.

Anonymous said...

hey all you people out there raising their voice against Rajini ... why dont you all vote and suggest a good anchor with a goo mayalam accent rather than pointing your finger at what is being done in the best possible way she can. go ahead reccomend a gfood anchor.... it seems that good anchors are all around you go ahead.... send names to asianet... let their be live test from your list

Anonymous said...

Well... The crux of the whole discussion is that Idea Star Singer is a family show watched by people of all ages. It would be wonderful to see a host/hostess who will speak more and better Malayalam. Host/hostess who will dress decently and is presentable. Host/hostess who has respect for the judges who are all much, much more knowledgeable.

I live in US and I have heard so many people here who are critical of Ranjini. She maybe a good anchor according to some people, but she is not right for a show like Idea Star Singer. Some of her clothes make her look like she just got out of the bed. Her body language is not graceful, she tries to be flirty playing with her hair. Sometimes in her talk she shows disrespect to judges. Sometimes you can see even the contestants irritated by her remarks. Before a performance you always boost the moral of the performer, you do not demoralize by citing past bad performances, which is excatly what Ranjini does. I think Mr. Sreekanthan Nair should know that a show like Idea Star Singer is successfull due to the singers and not Ranjini.

If you want examples of good anchoring see Akhila from Munch Star Singer as one example. She does speak malayalam and english, but she is not irritating. She has great respect for the judges and knows her limits. She also dresses very well, which shows respect for herself and the audience as well.

So in conclusion, Ranjini maybe good for some other shows (like the ones you see on Asianet Plus) but she is definitely a misfit for Idea Star Singer.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Ranjini is good or bad. I watch this program mainly because of the singers and to listen to such new voices. Also listening to the judge comments help someone like me (who does not have any basic idea about music) to understand a little better about music and thus enojy music better. Anyway, I completely disagree with the author's point that this program has so much of importance for Malayalam and its purity. I believe a good number of songs I here in this program are Tamil songs. So I don't understand the point.

Anonymous said...

after watching idea star singer for a long time i also have the same comments regarding ranjini as others.but till now i didn't hear anyone who dislike ranjini to share my feelings about her.she is gud in english but that dosen't mean that she can speak manglish.if she is doing a program in malayalam she should be able to deliver malayalam in right way

Ashrak said...


We are a group of malayalees from Singapore. We will refer Idea star singer as IDSS for the rest of the mail.
We are pretty sure this mail wont even be read or discussed, however let us share a few words.

When Vivekanandan ran short of words and got poor marks, Ranjini begged for votes.. why was the attitude different and body language different when Somadas had a problem? Arent all the contestants same to her?

Ranjini has made very bad comments during the last elimination round against Somadas. She pointed even that Somadas is in at the cost of the other contestant. Wasnt the same case when Vivekanandan was in?

IDSS being one of the mostly watched program, cant we get some anchor who can speak Malayalam properly so that our kids can listen and pick up malayalam well. Are we expecting future generation to say "OHniyetta" instead of Unniyetta?
Why do they have to speak this fake accent English (so called Manglish) on Malayalam TV channels . If they are thinking its great english..sorry its not.. there are lot of English TV Channels in India and overseas which we can listen to. if at all global exposure is reason, we dont think fake accent is adding any value.
Let english remain english and malayalam remain as it is and we learn and listen both at the appropriate accents and styles.

Sarath has become extremely critic even to the level of insulting the candiates at many instances. Agree that they have favoritism, howeever it is not fair to insult candidates as we have viewers who support all candidates. Comments can be made even in a nice way.

Look at the Kids star singer program. its been conducted in a much better way.

We all feel that there is a huge politics and lobby in IDSS and may be big racket going around and that gets converted to SMS counts in eliminations.


Mallus from Singapore .

Ajayraj said...

pathetic people.....its to all those who are ciitcising Ranjini...
so wat if she speaks in Malayalam+English?? Does no1 understand her language? Doesnt she convey her intented message well enuf? Does she not know about Malayalam songs n movies?? The truth is people here are jealous and hate to admit that we have got an A class anchor fit enuf to host any program in India, if not the entire world...with her style n flamboyance, it wud be diff enuf to get another Ranjini...
just enjoy the program n stop spoutin rubbish about our Kerala gal..U r the best, Ranju...

Ajayraj said...

the worst part about Idea star singer???
it has to be the exclusion of Malayalam songs....rather those kids sing those pathetic Tamil songs...are we such slaves of "Tamilism"?? it may be true, the best music directors in India are Ilayaraja and Rehman, the 2 gaints of Indian music...but y sing tamil songs when we ve our own mallu music directors with amazing songs??
do any tamil reality show singers sing mallu songs??
no i dont think so...its absolutely blasphemous on ISS s part of givin more prominence to Tamil songs than Mallu songs....

Anonymous said...

I am not a regular view if star singer but the great thing i have found in star singer is Renjini, even though every 1 s behind her manglish. she is doing really a fabulous job. Just compare her with other anchors, she is really smart and talented. she played a great role in the success of star singer, all dese comments itself says that how much popular she is among viewers, no other anchors had this much publicity...
Anyways Asianet you have done a good job and its true that

Anonymous said...

hugh. as you guys said, just 1.5 years of life in UK wont change anyone's fluency in mother tounge ! Even her English is horrible......

Several time I have noticed her saying "All the Best of Luck" !

Was she in Europe or somalia ???

She pretends to have a good accent... Truely its not British nor US !!!

ashley said...

hi all: i am not here to criticize renjin's language issue instead i saw this video where she exposed here self to a Tamil producer or director in Dubai I just want to know if there is any truth in that ????

sajiv said...

Guys, understand one thing wht ever said and done, she is the most sort after anchor in television these days..initially i too didnt like the way she carried herself, the way she stands when judges are giving comment to the participants, the faces she makes then, and her whole body language was wrong and still is, but now people have started accepting all those short commings and have accepted her the way she is...and lets not stick to lines that SHE SHOUOLD ONLY SPEAK MALAYALAM...grow up guys, world is growing....

shefi6349 said...

ranjini is the main asset of this programme

Joe said...

I watch Asianet Idea Star Singer program almost everyday. I like the way Ranjini anchors it. She is very talented, her language is perfect for international viewers. Remember, this program is not only viewed in Kerala, but in many, many other places where kids are not quite fluent with malayalam.

The only annoying factor is Sarath's annoying comments. Finally yesterday he realized that he has to make his songs simpler rather than showing off his vibrations. Hope he was serious.
Chitra is doing an excellent job and Venu was excellent too.

Anonymous said...

World is shrinking so fast that very soon most of the small and marginal languages like MALAYALAM will fade away. This may not happen in our life time but is sure to happen and is irreversible.What we see in Rangini's presentation is the state of the present day language and a pointer to what we can expect in future. Please remember the famous words "If rape is inevitable lye down and enjoy".

ab said...

Ranjini is the best anchor ever our state has produced. I love the way she handles the situations with extra ordinary perfection and in a professional manner.

Anonymous said...

i was born and raised in saudi arabia till i was 9 visiting kerala just 1.5 months a year and then i lived in india for a year. i have now lived in america for 5.5 years and i speak better malayalam AND english than ranjini pretends to speak. seriously her english accent is soo fake. and she acts like she doesnt speak malayalam when she lived in kerala till her college years.

Anonymous said...

Please come and visit LoungeVity in cochin on Friday mostly you can see Renjini freaking out their:)

praveen said...

Yes she has problem with her malayalam. But let us appreciate that the programme is well received by the masses and some credit goes to her as well.Her energy and friendlines truly makes her a better anchor than many.And in google there are as many as 40000 results for Ranjini Haridas and am sure not even many film stars has this many results that shows she could make such kind of an impression to the masses.
After all this programme is nothing but for entertainment and I am sure my friends will agree even the winner of Star singer need not be the best out of all participants.
Malayalam as a language it has the difficulty to make the presentation so casualy (And if some one tries it becomes a stupid comedy show) and may be people enjoy the anchoring because of her "Manglish".Surely if she could speak her malayalam better it would have done a world of good to her.
And 99% of malayalis use english words in between than by anybody who speaks other vernacular, I dont know is it because of the "high level of education" of malyalis or a simple jada to show off?.
Very importantly thank god television has a remote control - so we can mute when ever we want than complaining!!

Anonymous said...

why all are behind rengini nobody can make show such wonderful except rengini to be honest i quit to watch idea star singer when they brought some uselees anchor and they dont know either to speak malayalam or english iwant to know for all the stupid people those who wrote aganist rengini where your childrens are studying of course in english medium why you wantyour child to learn english so plse stop blaming others
no doubt rengini is very good and i like her dont think iam male iam female

Vineeth said...

Hi All

I am totally in agreement with what ranjini said in her comments here . I am born and bought up in kannur , but cant read or write malayalam other than very simple words ... reason i went to a cbse school and opted sanskrit as my third lang . But I speak fluent kannur mal .. thats where I am from and the colloquial mal that kannur ppl speak is their identity .. so why create such a hue and cry over this .. dont u love to speak lang perfectly .. the same principle applies here ..

shefi6349 said...

well,am aggree with ur comments. i think,she has got complex and eago, thats why she speaking in a bad malayalam languages.....
as well as, she always trying to show her body languages. For that, she used to wear dresses are very badly....

shefi6349 said...

hi everybody ,why people saying about ranjini? i don't think,it is a matter for speak.. she is nothing, she is just an anchor u know, leave it. Because, we have
lot of works to do..then, why everybody looking to her?

archana said...

Hi, I m from mumbai.I speak very good malayalam and even learnt to read and write it on my own.As far as ranjini's manglish is concerned it is okay to hear that .She does her anchoring well though I can never speak in such style.

anu said...

With the immensely popular ISS in its 4th year, the favorite response (by a looong distance) by malayalees everywhere for “what do you find most displeasing about ISS?” has to be Ranjini’s language. It seems to get discussed as frequently as the programme itself. Yet, for some strange reason, the producers at Asianet seem to think of it as one of the selling points of the programme. Maybe they think it is trendy, and that more viewers find it appealing than others find it distasteful. But the idea that anybody can really find it even remotely good is bizarre....that is, anybody other than maybe adolescents from broken homes, or mothers egging on their kids to become overnight celebrities, or girls who still think that ‘hashbush’ is a real and good word in English….. these are the sad peripheral sections among the overall malayalee community. The argument that the ‘manglish’ is for the sake of the overseas malayalee is baseless, as anyone can easily find that the malayalee diaspora are generally very proud of their heritage and would be among the first to wish this hippie language to be relegated to the dustbin. The argument that Ranjini’s language is trendy won’t sell to the bulk of malayalee community either. What is and needs to be really trendy is following what is the best of old and modern ideas, and not something the TRP seeking media tries to convince us as ‘trendy or modern’. Again, the media need not behave like the self assigned righteous leader in suggesting to us what is modern or ‘in vogue’, because the media, particularly television, is legendarily and ruthlessly self-centred.

Ranjini looks a good person and seems to have several excellent anchor attributes – she is warm, supportive, is genuine (except in those masala elimination rounds), doesn’t try to shadow the contestants or go over the top (except in the case of her language), and has made a good attempt to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean the viewers have to continue to put up with her verbal vulgarities. You can serve up any number of excellent traditional curries on a thooshanila, and then place some human feces between the aviyal and thoran and call it a great sadya. Admittedly, it is the production team rather than she herself that is adamant that the viewers have to be coprophagous. The rot has to be removed – either remove Ranjini or ask her to improve the language. Otherwise Sreekantan Nair deserves a old fashioned long hard caning on his oversized posterior.

It is not as if improving her language skills is difficult. Many actors learn to speak foreign languages when their roles demand so. Many American actors learn to master British accents when playing British characters and vice versa. Mannadey sang that heart rending song in Chemmeen in what appears to be impeccable Malayalam compared to Ranjini’s language. Many contestants in ISS improve themselves by leaps and bounds by the end of a season. Why can’t Ranjini improve even after three seasons?

If she can’t improve then change the anchor. It must not be so difficult considering that Asianet has managed to bring in at least 7-8 permanent judges over the past three years. Surely, finding a good enough anchor must be far easier!

akhilesh said...

Hi all, from Kerala.

I came across this blog by accident, but having done so, cannot help saying something. Your topic is very relevant, keep it up.

Ranjini Haridas, the queen of phony bilingual accents?

Ranjini has many traits of a good anchor (god, one may even feel a vague fondness for her), maybe more of them than some other anchors currently in Malayalam television, but the way she uses language is certainly not one of them. For a person who is a malayalee, was born to malayali parents, who spent a big chunk of her pre-ISS life in Kerala, and who was educated in a run-of-the-mill college in Kerala, she seems to have lived (and is living) in her own curious language-proof island (with perhaps world class, foolproof, and very frequently updated Security Against Contamination by Native Language provided and maintained by Bogus Accent Upkeep Inc.). Sorrrrry, what is she (and Asianet) trying to do?

Agreed, her native Malayalam accent may be different from the ‘official’ television Malayalam, but so is the case for most of the newsreaders, interviewers and anchors who appear in Malayalam television, and for most of the actors in Malayalam film industry. But they all put in the required effort uncomplainingly, and must have rather easily acquired the skill to get that ‘official’ accent. (I never knew it was such a hard thing, till it was pointed out that it was her ‘different’ Malayalam accent that was keeping Ranjini from using good Malayalam.)

But, after all, she is only an anchor in a single TV program. So why bother at all?

The anchorship is in a channel that calls itself as the leading regional channel for malayalees everywhere, and for a program that the channel claims is its flagship program. Viewed by millions, as the channel so proudly claims. A program which is meticulously conceived and produced, and claimed to be the pride of the channel. So, if this is the kind of accent and treatment of Malayalam language that the channel likes itself to be seen to be endorsing, then it is deliberately sending some signals to those millions. Signals that are definitely harmful for our perception of our language and very possibly culture as well, since the television is surely the chief disseminator and safeguard of culture and our identity as a community these days. We can already see that the program has had a huge positive effect on the way we look at our film music, particularly the old ones, and our attitude towards classical music. Such is the impact of the program. That is why we should bother.

I don’t claim to be a globetrotter, but I doubt there is hardly a community anywhere, where an ability to distort (or an inability to keep from distorting) the accents of its well established native tongue is considered a winning talent essential for global appeal. It is no accident, it is because most communities have some self respect. I have malayali friends raised outside the state (sometimes removed from their parents) who have skewed Malayalam accents, but they don’t brag about their accents. In fact they try to improve their accent, and are a little ashamed (if they are grown up that is) when they have to use it. The painful fact is that after so many months of the program, neither Ranjini nor Asianet has tried to improve the situation. THIS IS WHAT betrays their disrespect to the malayalalee community and its language. They think distorted Malayalam accents go hand in hand with good command of the English language, whereas, in reality, love for one language only fosters respect for other languages. They think what they do is fashionable, that they can sell it. All this, ironically, in a program where we look forward to young singers rerender those wonderful songs once sung by people like Yesudas and Janakiamma with meticulous attention to pronunciation. (and the excellent judges predictably pick on the flaws in pronunciation too) What they are selling is snobbery on our culture in the name of sophistication, and sadly, some malayalees are buying it. That is why we should bother.

Lyra said...

wow....look where Malayalees are heading to. Frankly speaking Malayalam language helps you only as long as you are in Kerala. You will never have to think about it if you are abroad and unless you are someone who can speak proper English, you cant even get a highly paid post or job. A typical malayalee has no basic manners or even politeness. So do not talk great about how we are.

I respect Kerala and being a Malayalee, its sad that we never grow up and come upto the standards. If at all some one like Ranjini does, the itch starts. So what's wrong with her. Even if she is faking or not, she is making the show a success. Language is for communication and as long as she can communciate and you can understand, what is your problem.

If you are dead against western styles and manglish accent why do you eat their food such as bread, jam, cornflakes, ketchup, etc. Why so you dress up in pants and shirts? Why do you use briefs?....use nadan and traditional "konakam". why do you use latest styling cream instead of oil? Why do you put your children in English Medium school and ask them to just speak in English at school? So therefore, dont find justification for the things we do not favour and keep silent on the ones you favour. Its total hypocracy.

By the way....I like one of the earlier comments - Malayalee men or rather people cannot easily digest or tolerate bold and stylish girls....and picture them in a bad way. Remember Remya...she was hopeless even with the malayalam accent. No proper body language, typical mallu accent, no rapport with audience or contestants, no class and no stage charisma.

If you feel your children are learning poor English, then switch your channel to Discovery Channel or give them some Malayalam tuition at home.

So guys get one Balachandran chullikad or Sugathakumari to anchor. They will fulfill your nadan accent dreams. Entha malayalikal nannavathey?


Sharon S. said...

Hope this was a eye opener to all malayalees out there....

3dtv said...

I'm a Malayali from Middle Europe and this show is nothing less than an embarrassment for the Malayalee nation. This has really nothing to do with gender feelings. I have nothing against Renjini, but this should have never been allowed in the first place. My whole family thinks, that this girl is simply stupid. And the truth is: yes, she is. And so has become the whole Malayalee society within some decades. Where has gone the real Malayalam culture? The new media is responsible as well as politics. Cinema promoted nice Malayalam and TV destroys all of this. I say, shut all TV stations down, who mock Malayalam language with shit anchors (sorry Renjini :), I know you are not to be blamed for your Malayalam). Sure, English is a must learn language for jobs, but Malayalam is our culture and it must remain our culture. I rather die than seeing Malayalam culture fading away. Therefore I'm really proud of the Tamil brothers and sisters, who embrace their language and culture. This is how our rich Malayalam culture should be promoted among ourselves as well.

Malayalam ki jay!

akhilesh said...

I have a hunch Lyra and Sharon are the same person.

Lyra, you seem to be under a truckload of misunderstanding. You seem to imply that we should prefer learning English skills to Malayalam. Since when has learning languages been mutually exclusive? Learning and practising proper Malayalam does not disqualify anyone from using good English. And using and promoting bad Malayalam don’t, by default, make you good at English, unlike what you seem to believe. If getting those high paying jobs requires good English skills, by all means, develop good English skills. How is that purpose benefited by degrading Malayalam in a TV show? Languages coexist, and you can’t convince any sensible person that you know good English by feigning poor Malayalam.

Most of those people in highly paid jobs are good at more than one language.

This has nothing to do with culture or gender issues.

And, please, try to learn some good English.

Anonymous said...

I pity those who cry over the so called MANGLISH. Why are you not asking the channel to change the name of the show to perfect MALAYALAM IE. "Nakshtra Pattukaran/Pattukari"? If "Idea Star Singer" is a success, part of the credit goes to Ranjini also. As far as I know everybody loves Ranjini and her way of anchoring the show. Of course envy is not something which can be cured easily.

TJ said...

Another commenter alluded to this but let me amplify on his/her comments.

Asianet is a business and they make decisions whether pertaining to anchoring or otherwise based on what appeals to their viewership. Ranjini appeals to a broad viewership which includes a large number of people who view ISSS from outside of Kerala - and a younger generation of viewers. If the ratings were adversely affected because of Ranjini's Manglish and alleged affectations, she would be history.

Like many other aspects of globalization, the reality is that ISSS is not geared entirely to the viewership in Kerala - it is also meant to attract a viewership in other parts of India, in Europe, the US, SE Asia, the Middle East, etc. These viewers probably find Ranjini is a good blend of East and West.

The other aspect that is probably being overlooked is that the demographic that many media companies focus on nowadays whether in India or abroad are the younger generation for certain types of programming. This is the generation that tends to spend money because of their earning power and willingness to expend funds - unlike their parents who may be retired and whose focus, when they were earning money, was on saving. Advertisers to programs such as ISSS want this younger viewership to watch the program because they would attract the advertisers who cater to the younger generation.

In summary, as long as the program continues to attract viewers and ratings, there is no reason for the producers to make any changes - because the primary motivation is viewers, advertisers and profits.

kuttappan said...

I have stopped watching this pitiful being trying to imitate the long gone Gora's. Switched to amrita super star. Much better.. Not much melodramas.. not heart attacks on elimination

Anonymous said...

I appreciate TJ's comments but he is seeing only the business angle.
I think Ranjini is using the language currently in vogue. However unpleasant it may seem, the fact is that small regional languages like Malayalam are slowly being swallowed by larger and widely used languages like English. This process cannot be stopped because modern day living has enabled us to be in contact with outside world much more than what used to be in the recent past. Change is the essence of life and we should accept it gracefully.

shefi6349 said...

hiiii, let us stop this bloody conversation, ranjini is using her own style, so, leave it..... dont waste our time for this.

sajithkingfisher said...

She is the representative of pride malayalis. They want to show off their english knowledge (Even if they know few english words and some grammer)..
Either Ranjini has to speak in english..otherwise try good malayalam.
Wy we need manglish in a malayalm programme?

Its all upto her...she has to decide. Cos, oneway, she making audience into a bad language culture..As you told, ur popularity. For bad habbits, lot will follow us. But, for good things a few I right Mis.Ranjini?
Let's try to make our sisters and brothers for a good malayalam culture... said...

Accent! Accent! Accent!
Ranjini is not hosting a Malayalam teaching class. This is an entertainment program. Every body every where has accent in the language. In Kerala the Malayalam has so many different accents. In the United States we have so many different accents depending upon the state. When more and more people come to our state for job oppertunities, our Malayalam may have demand for others to learn also.
When our Dassettan sang in hindi, many people were after him saying his hindi accent was not good. If it were so, there was a composer to correct the accent. Dassettan got a national award also for the song "Gori Thera gaav beda pyara"

When an actor is mimicked by other artists, that shows his popularity. Nobody will mimick if the actor is not popular.

So Ranjini, you are so popular. Many envy you on your popularity.

kannanmon said...

There is no point in blaming Ranjini...we mallus got a natural leaning for foreigners and culture..thats why our girls and boys go to Levis or Pepe jeans to buy denim and othr branded stuff made for foreign climate..and what more even our hospitals welcomes through telephone with an English introduction and most professionals...drift to English when they appear in public or do any speech.We are really such crazy people...I watch.. my sister make her kids to speak in English and in most cities children in elite flats speak English each other....its their way..its how they show their identity,standard or status...So this Asianet as a channel is offering a high standard life style and is catering..what ever bullshit we need..its a business, so they ought to do that..and coming back to Renjini...,she is an extremely talented and well mannered girl who knows how to handle a crowd..and she handle the delegates and all so a very international way that most of as admire...really sad about us showing a very crazy and rubbish behavior ..i am also a normal Malayali who long for a perfume from Dubai or a chocolate from Europe or to escape to some where not India...!!!

Joshy Ellukudiyel koombara said...

not only knowing english bt not knowing malayalam well also a very respectable thing.So new generation malayali children encouraged by their elders acted like they dont know malayam wel even if dey know it very wel.And dey trie 2 mimic d pronounciation of english exactly like englishmen. That is wat the problm with our young girls of d newer generations(n boys also to an extent).So we can forget her fake malayalam in the past as part of dis psychology of an average malayali. She hails from konni a smal town in pathanamthitta district.
But now she is a matured women of 30 years old. If she stil holds dat view of an immature young girl it is surprising. May be she thinks if she now speaks malayalam natuaraly the fact dat her malayalam accent in d past was fake would b revealed. Anyway we can see her speaking malayalam with the same accent even wen she is 60 years.

Ajay Raj said...

dont u guys think fair in blaming a lady for continuously for 4 yrs ?

well wat all points which are in favour and against her that we are talking is as audience.most of us dont know ranjini in person.


If you are working in a high profile office and you are well paid will you leave the job if you get good work pressure?This can be a possibility for her stick on to the manglish accent.Competition does matter for the existence.

She is good to hold the audience.This is a majority accepted fact.

why this became an issue?Is she the only culprit? Do you think "literate" ignorant parents who knows malayalam very well and are less fluent to english try to carve the new generation to a very bitter way by scrubbing with broken english and malayalam?
If you are good in a language it always reference to learn and interpret other languages easily.

Learning a hard language like malayalam will only benefit to learn other languages easily.

I am not supporting ranjini as a person.But i do it as any professional who does her job told by boss.

My critics on Mr jagathi sreekumar and Ranjini issue

In the speech,Mr sreekumar has told that he is not much invited to public addresses.(This sentence is important)He only expressed his concerns.He is not a regular public speaker.He expressed as a normal human being.Different people accept it differently.

A point he said
Anchors should not interfere to tell who is good or bad and he is right on that way.
(There is a much more involvement issue came up in Bigboss regarding salman Khan's influence in the team mates). If she judges in someway there is a possibility to influence it for or against the candidate.

jagathi is a senior actor and if he said something,ranjini should have took it as said by a senior one and could have given a much well explanation than attacking the actor.He is certainly a brilliant actor and he don't need any attention from the mini screen.He didnt tell that for cheap publicity which i feel that ranjini took the advantage.

Ranjini may or may not be innocent.But as a lady at this age should have thought a little bit more matured on responding such things.The article response given openly shows that she did prejudice in the actor's statement.

Anyways it is a past.Digging things up only helps to keep the wound warm and get used to it.

boby said...

Hi guys ,
Why should spend too much time to discus these type of stupid. do something creative and talk about something good for our nation

J thambalamanna said...

Renjini even doest have a voice of her own. She uses different tones so dat one doest know wich is her own. She often use a base voice wich sounds more like a madamma. Western ladies' voice usualy is of a hard tone. I think she mimic them. It is part of a psychology dat white people r beter, right n superior. So people of dat psychology try to copy dem in every respect knowingly or unknowngly. Sometime her voice become like dat of a flerting teenage girl n sometimes in between. In brief she is fake from top to bottom. That is wat makes her an unbearable. But it only becomes a problem wen she anchor such popular show wich we al like.
But it is d chanel hu is 2 blame for dat not her.